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Our goal has been to create a healthier space in an ever-increasing toxic world.
Our Founder and CEO - Annette Koch - was inspired to start HealthWise Spaces and BGshoponline after an 18-year health battle and endless research on how to be healthy in the 21st-century environment.

Annette is a certified Building Biologist and EMF Radiation Specialist and serves on the board of directors for the Building Biology Institute.

Our mission is to increase awareness of environmental issues plaguing all biological organisms and provide attainable and well-researched solutions.

An Introduction

BioGeometry® is the patented science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment. Balancing the activities of daily life, achieving harmony with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology, and integrating science and spirituality is the work of the science of BioGeometry.

Just two decades ago, everybody was afraid that the end of life on earth would come from a Third world War. We thought that the global extinction of life on earth would come from nuclear warfare and our carelessness towards our
environment, endangering plant and animal life, the ozone hole and
global warming causing natural disasters everywhere. However, the real potential danger is that we are barely aware of lurking around the

The age of information carries with it the potential to the global extinction of our civilization. We are continuously increasing the number of carrier waves needed for the wireless technology of modern communication in the earth's atmosphere every day. These Electromagnetic waves are thousands of times more potent than the level used in our body cells. The problem is not the saturation of the earth's atmosphere through quantity, but also a detrimental quality.

Even people who avoid using high technology are not immune. No one is immune even if one lives at the far end of the world or on top of the Himalayas because these are carrier waves with penetrating properties. It is like trying to move a breeze through a storm. Our immune systems are continuously working to correct the distortion in the transfer of essential information in our body; very soon, the threshold will be reached, when a total collapse of our body defences will take place.

BioGeometry is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape; it uses shapes, colours, motion, orientation, and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. BioGeometrical forms are two or three-dimensional shapes specially designed to interact with the earth's energy fields to produce balancing effects on multiple levels on biological systems. They were developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, D.Sc., in Cairo, Egypt, during research since 1968.

To understand the effects of BioGeometrical shapes on the human energy system, we must recognize that the human body has an energy field around it, which has its own north-south axis. As we move around, the angle formed between our axis and that of the earth is continually changing. In turn, this either strengthens or weakens our energy field. The positive range is minimal, vulnerable most of the time, and is a significant factor affecting our health and well being. BioGeometrically balanced energy, however, considerably strengthens our energy fields to such an extent that we are not detrimentally affected by changes of orientation. It appears to cancel evident energy interactions predicted by currently accepted physical laws.

BioGeometry research was and still is dedicated to the development of a new form of architecture that would enhance the human biological system, providing a new meaning to the concept of "Home." Furniture layout, electrical wiring, and modern appliances, specially designed decorative elements, are strategically placed to neutralize negative energy and add a positive quality.

BioGeometry shapes designed or engraved on jewelry have shown positive effects on the body's energy field, and a considerable reduction of the potential health hazards caused by cellular phones, computers, and all other modern appliances.

The impact of geometrical shapes on human energy systems, historically universally recognized. This awareness gradually disappeared, and our "modern" approach considers these ancient forms either as symbolic art without function or attributes them to magical practices. Although modern development and practices are not directly derived from Ancient Egypt, advanced know-how in this field is evident when we analyze and use the shapes that they have developed thousands of years ago.

They must have been able to interact with nature in a more advanced way than we do today, based on studying the vibrational properties of the geometrical shapes they used in their monuments, art, statues, amulets, and many other aspects of life. The effects of energy went beyond the Pyramid shape; the Ancient Egyptians used it efficiently in all aspects of their life. Unlike our modern energy forms that are highly amplified states of energies, this science dealt with forces on a natural level as they occur in nature. That means that this Ancient Egyptian science was more like a language that they used to establish two-way communication with nature. This two-way information flow process implemented to develop total harmony in all actions between humans and the environment. Acquiring more in-depth knowledge about anything by accessing information about it's working principles on the energy level. Most important of all, to influence any action in nature by manipulating its energy patterns to achieve the intended results.

Pythagoras was the first to introduce the ancient Egyptian way of correlating musical qualities with quantifiable numerical values to the western world. The golden ratio of 1.618 expressed as the ultimate proportion of harmony, beauty and spirituality, used in the design of sacred buildings in Ancient
Architecture to produce spiritual energy that facilitated connectivity
with spiritual realms through resonant prayer. Popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids and hemispheres (e.g. the domes, that are the basis of religious buildings, be it a mosque, a church or a synagogue). These particular shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce a penetrating carrier wave which Chaumery and De Belizal named, negative green, (which acts as a carrier like radio waves that carry sound information). The vibrational quality of negative green gives it powerful communication properties that facilitate resonance with higher realms in prayer. However, negative green turned out to have other features, which make it very harmful under continuous exposure. Dr. Karim has done considerable research into this type of energy, identifying the different components. A revival of the Ancient
Design Criteria or Canons, in modern architecture, attempted by the
Swiss pioneer of contemporary architecture. Le Corbusier, with his
"modular" system, comprised two scales of dimensions based on the golden ratio.

Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim has done extensive research and found that BioGeometry shapes have three primary vibrational qualities:

  1. Negative green.
  2. A higher harmonic of ultra-violet.
  3. A higher harmonic of gold.

Only shapes, which produce energy fields with all three components, termed the BioGeometry3 (BG3) are BioGeometry shapes. 
The effect of BioGeometrical energy on health is not specific and not precisely predictable. It appears to amplify and balance the body's energy fields on all levels, thereby giving the body greater power to heal itself. The healing process resulting from strengthening and balancing the immune system manifests differently from one person to another; however, specific results have been observed repeatedly.
BioGeometry shapes balance the body energies on different levels; positive effects are usually felt on the emotional, mental, spiritual as well as the physical level. Found to be effective over a vast range, including the protection against harmful radiation emanating from the earth (believed to be a significant cause of cancer) and different types of human-made pollution. For specific healing purposes, research is conducted in collaboration with medical doctors in the science of BioGeometry Signatures (BioSignatures), which deals with the energy of shape to the body organs.
BioGeometry Worldview

BioGeometry, the design language of shapes, is the proprietary science of using the energy principles of BioGeometry to amplify an energy quality manifest in
nature found in the centers of all energy patterns of shape. This subtle
energy quality is at the core of the forming process in life. It is responsible for maintaining the harmony within energy structures of all systems (animate and inanimate), and providing balance among the different manifest energy qualities of the components of the overall patterns of that system.

In BioGeometry, we have developed proprietary shapes and design principles that we use to replicate and amplify this highly beneficial natural subtle energy quality. The shapes interact with the body's surrounding energy fields, according to the natural laws of harmonics and resonance. They introduce the energy quality balancing effect on the body's subtle energy system and
harmonize energy interactions with the environment. To understand how
the application of the science of BioGeometry can align the energy qualities of the environment, we have to shift into the BioGeometry

Qualitative Worldview

The BioGeometry worldview is a synthesis of the energetic qualities of a space. It encompasses what we can and cannot perceive; it is a holistic view that does not differentiate between what is visible and what is not. According to an abstract Physics of Quality, this outlook is based primarily on practical measurements of the energy quality's interactions. It is applied according to a sophisticated BioGeometry Harmonics system, which integrates the metaphysical with the physical, the material with the spiritual, and the sensory with the extra-sensory, in a harmonious unity.

BioGeometry is a science of quality. When we speak about the science of quality, we are referring to science that studies how different things affect each other on an unperceivable, subtle energy level. Qualities have traditionally been seen as subjective as in the fields of Humanities and Arts. In the science of BioGeometry, we show a fundamental level of qualities implemented in an objective, scientific manner.