BioGeometry Downloads

[These downloadable files and brochures are in PDF format]

  • BioGeometry Brochure

    Introduction to BioGeometry

    [Preview & Download]

  • BioGeometry Pendant Brochure

    BioGeometry BioSignatures Pendant


  • Hemberg Regional EMF Solution

    Harmonization with BioGeometry


  • Building Materials

    Protective Role of BioGeometry Against Indoor Pollutants of Some Egyptian Building Materials in Adult Male Rats


  • Using Biosignatures with Sirrus Odyssey

    Sirius Odyssey BioSignatures Selection


  • BioSignatures Emitter

    Overview of the BioGeometry BioSignatures Emitter


  • Immunity Emitter 2020

    Immunity Supporting BioSignature and Emitter


  • Hydration Support Biosignature

    BioGeometry Hydration Support Biosignature


  • Horizontal & Vertical Pendulum Manual

    The Vertical and Horizontal Dial Pendulum Set


  • About BioSignatures

    About BioSignatures