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Back to a Future for Mankind Book

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Based on the Physics of Quality, the revolutionary science of BioGeometry uses the subtle energy principles of geometric form to introduce natural balance to the different energy qualities found in any living system. Due to the widespread success of BioGeometry’s research projects in the fields of qualitative energy balancing of the human energy system and environment, BioGeometry has developed personalized solutions to help protect yourself from sources of environmental stress, including electro-smog, geopathic stress, and low levels of radioactivity, as well as providing overall energy balance. BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich) after more than 30 years of research. Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research identified a unique energy effect in all living systems' energetic centers. The natural function of this energy effect is to provide balance, or “centring,” to the different energy qualities or effects within any living system. This one-centring energy effect is detected through three specific energy qualities that it manifests and has been termed “BG3.” This BG3 energy - quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of all living systems, including the balance of the different energy qualities involved. BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body, to amplify the resonance of this highly beneficial BG3 energy - quality for general energy-quality balance- and to harmonize energy interactions with the environment.
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