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BG-16 (BG3) Pendulum small

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BG-16 pendulum emanates and detects the beneficial “BG3” energy quality. This Pendulum is based on the energy-quality of the number 16 (the basis of the Golden Proportion used in architecture throughout history). It works through the resonance of numbers with the BG3 energy quality, making it very easy to use. The BG16 has the advantage of detecting the holistic aspect of BG3 with all three components simultaneously.

Dr. Karim developed it especially for architects and designers with no previous experience in Radiesthesia to allow them to assess the BG3 quality in their designs. This pendulum also emits BG3 from its tip, and can be used as a harmonizing emitter on the chakras and acupuncture points and to charge items with the BG3 quality.

* Please note that this is a student tool covered in the Foundation training and does not come with instructions. *


5.5 cm x 0.8 cm

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