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Hidden Reality: The BioGeometry Physics of Quality

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The BioGeometry' Physics of Quality' creates a new scientific paradigm to lead humanity into the future. This is only possible through understanding the true nature of the background subtle energy medium as the highly energetic life force within the universal mind in which all creation manifests.


This work presents new holistic concepts of pulsating time-space, producing the emotional, mental, radiation and attraction forces in creation.BioGeometry offers a change of direction, with a 'practical' methodology, to create a prosperous future integrated into nature's multi-dimensional design language that restores the lost Life force factor in architecture and design.

The environmental solutions of BioGeometry have been successfully applied in different fields, such as the reduction of electromagnetic stress, chemical-free animal farming and agriculture.
BioGeometry deals with eminent topics such as:
- "The Psychon Pulse": the origin of forces of radiation and attraction
- Time, Life force, Consciousness, and Mind- The human energy system as the measure of all things- The depletion of Life force and immunity among living systems- The integration of modern technology and the environment- Electromagnetic radiation and climate change
- Origin of the ancient Egyptian civilization- The universal order of Maat- Concept of pyramid design- The role of sacred power spots in human health and prosperity- Multi-dimensional water and Lifeforce.

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