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Electrical Attachment (9/16)

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The electrical strips are balancing attachments for the home's electrical system created to interact with the subtle-energy fields of electricity and superimpose a natural energy-quality balancing effect onto the electrical network harmonizing its relationship with the body's energy system.

6.5 cm long-(SM)

8.8 cm long-(M)

*Note each home kit includes three small electricity attachments.

*At least one electricity attachment should be placed inside the main electrical panel and any sub-panel. Place attachment between the breakers.

*Only open the door of the electrical panel, do not touch or expose wires*

Additional attachments can be added to wires around the house, including wifi, routers, computers, power bars, T.V.and any wires by the bed.

The strips can be attached to cords using cable ties or to the panel using double-sided tape or sticky tack. Please do not embed the strip into the adhesive or you will loose the shape information.

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